Nothing beats the vibrancy of Toronto – Canada’s Downtown. Experience the best of modern Canadian diversity and inclusiveness with big-ticket events, top attractions, restaurants, music, architecture, and more. Get inspired by Toronto’s mix of contemporary trends and culture, blended with consistent innovation and creativity. And the biggest charm? No matter the time of year, Toronto wears all seasons fabulously. You’re in for an unforgettable experience in a captivating destination.


A striking union of European charm and North American attitude, Montréal welcomes visitors with a harmonious pairing of the historic and the new, from exquisite architecture to fine dining. From season to season, day and night, Montréal pulses with activity. Known for its many festivals, the city hosts a diverse array of events, exhibitions and gatherings for the thousands of culture, nature and thrill seekers. While masterful chefs continue to elevate Montréal’s reputation as a gourmet destination, creative artists and artisans draw admirers in droves to the haute couture ateliers, arts galleries and charming boutiques that line the city streets.