If you are looking for color, warmth and enjoyment,

Munich is the place to be!

The sun shines more often over no other German city. A whopping 1,756 hours per year. Among the favorite places for a walk or for a photo of the sunset, which at the moment is hard to beat in terms of beautiful scenery, are the English Garden, the Olympic Hill and Tower, the Nymphenburg Palace Park or the Isar river meadows. At the very first ray of sunshine, half of the city is already sitting outside in front of the cafés, beer gardens and restaurants, celebrating the lightness of being.


Traditionally, Munich’s residents have always turned towards their guests and are happy to let them share in all the city’s amenities. This hospitable openness distinguishes Munich internationally from its competitors. Munich is perceived as a hospitable and open-minded metropolis of culture and enjoyment.

Munich Chef Frederic Kerkhoff

on Local Fare and Preserving Centuries-Old Culinary Traditions

Don’t expect the cuts of steak that Frederic Kerkhoff, executive chef at Sheraton Munich Westpark Hotel, serves to come from ordinary cows. The pampered bovines from which Kerkhoff sources beef roam freely in a spacious pasture in the Bavarian countryside.