At the Oktoberfest Munich every day is different. There is plenty of stuff to discover and you will experience even more than you expected. We collected some Oktoberfest highlights and put them all together to create a perfect day –  just for you. Nothing is going to hold you down during your visit!

In case you are looking for some facts to impress other visitors, we created an interesting summary of the Oktoberfest history.


To avoid the sheer masses of Oktoberfest visitors we strongly recommend an arrival by subway. Do not use the station at the Theresienwiese but travel to the main train station (“Hauptbahnhof”) or the Schwanthalerhöhe instead. From there you will get to the Oktoberfest in less then 10 minutes by foot. Upon arrival, use the side entrances to avoid the crowd at the main entrance of the Oktoberfest.


A rich breakfast makes a good start into the day – and at the Oktoberfest you will definitively find something you like. Moreover, you will get to experience the Oktoberfest flair during the opening of the big Oktoberfest tents, which marks a great spectacle each morning. The tents will open at 10:00 AM from Monday to Friday and at 09:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Below you will discover our suggestions for the best breakfast locations.


Especially on weekends we recommend getting up early – because of the high numbers of visitors on Saturdays or Sundays most Oktoberfest tents will be closed for guests without reservation as early as 11:00 AM. In case you are looking for a cozy stay we recommend you to visit the Oktoberfest on weekdays as of noon, to avoid the big crowds.

​If the weather is nice, the beer gardens at the Oktoberfest are nice to visit as well. Below, we help you find the right tent for your needs. Take a look into our Oktoberfest guide, if you like to get some more information about the customs at the fairground.


High-class & Prominent

At the Käfer Wiesn Schänke you will meet the most prominent visitors of the Oktoberfest in Munich. Here, the rich and famous like to celebrate in sophisticated atmosphere, which is reflected in the culinary and musical range as well. The Käfer Wiesn Schänke resembles an old wooden blockhouse and provides about 3,400 seats.


Atmospheric & Varied

The Marstall tent contains 4,200 seats of which you will find 1,000 at the connected beer garden. The range of live music is rich in variety and there is much to discover on the culinary level. Fish and meat as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes are served by the courteous staff. Enjoy your beer and indulge in this unique atmosphere.


Cozy & Entertaining

For some calm minutes the small Oktoberfest tents like the Glöckle Wirt or Ammers Hühnerbraterei are a good recommendation. The Oide Wiesn is suitable for a slight detour as well. Alternatively, you will find a ready welcome at the thrill rides or the showmen. Visit the historic Krinoline, the Olympia Looping, the Ferris wheel or the Schichtl theater. Here, visitors are “decapitated” several times per day.


In general the Oktoberfest tents will close at 11:30 PM – the selling of drinks will end at 10:30 PM. We recommend leaving the fairground a little bit earlier, so that you will be able to have a stress-free departure ahead of the main crowd. In case you are planning to stay till the very end, just take a cozy walk around the fairground or take a ride with the Ferris wheel or one of the numerous rollercoasters to avoid the masses at the public transportation.


After the closing of the Oktoberfest tents, your perfect day does not have to be over yet. Countless locations will start their so-called After Wiesn Party immediately afterwards. Year after year, the most popular ones take place at the Wiesnclub at the Alte Kongresshalle, the Löwenbräukeller at the Stiglmaierplatz or the Park Café in between the main train station and the Königsplatz. To get your well-deserved rest after you danced the night away, we selected the very best Oktoberfest hotels in Munich. Have a look!