Discover the allure of our Reserve through an extraordinary culinary offer, wellness experiences that will heal your body and soothe your soul, breathtaking activities in connection with nature and a variety of tastings in our buoyant bar, as well as unparalleled events that will rivet all your senses.

At Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, every moment means true bliss.


Spring Renewal | Wellness Weekend at Alkemia Spa

A new journey is about to begin…


The coming of spring is a time of change that brings about the blossoming and rebirth of nature, inviting us to do the same, closing a chapter to begin a new cycle in our lives. At Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, we invite you to embrace this opportunity provided by the equinox with our Spring Renewal Wellness Weekend at Alkemia Spa.


Bid farewell to this past season with holistic and transcendental activities, guided by experts in spiritual exploration, meditative practices, and physical training. These will provide both care and relaxation while nourishing you with energy and motivation to welcome endless possibilities for transformation.


March 17th to March 19th


Alkemia Spa

Earth Hour

Devote 60 minutes of care to our loving planet in a magically immersive experience during this year’s Earth Hour.


As part of the worldwide movement that symbolizes our commitment to Mother Nature, we have prepared a series of enlightening activities and games for the whole family to enjoy and explore, with telescopes, presents, freshly made churros served with our traditional hot choco late, and many more surprises.


Treat yourself to an unparalleled evening under the stars while giving Earth a much-deserved break.



March 25

Event Lawn

Complimentary for guests.

Weekly Happenings

Participate in incredible events that take place daily in our Reserve, unique immersive experiences specially designed in selected spaces surrounded by the sun, the desert and the fresh breeze of the Sea of ​​Cortes.